Updated Info: COVID-19 - Coronavirus Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. World Health Organization (WHO). Interactive Maps: Microsoft | Johns Hopkins.
Objective:to create a Collaborative Database where we can write reviews about useful products for the fight against COVID-19. Share updated and verified information.
Disclaimer: Before buying any product, take a look at its features and verify that it is a reliable seller | Legal area.
Project CovidGlip is an initiative developed by a group of computer engineers to collaborate in order to do our bit in the fight against the COVID-19 - Coronavirus.

We want to create a reliable site, with verified and updated information , with a Collaborative database of all products that you can find for sale online that can be useful to protect against the virus.

All these products available to be valued by the users of our community , so that they can inform the rest if it is of a quality product with a serious seller and with an adequate price, or the opposite. In this way we can share our experiences and notices of possible scams or cheats , inflated prices or fraudulent sellers.

The online products we collect are sold in various stores, mainly on Amazon, and we are not responsible for purchases made in this stores. Before buying any product, check its features and the reputation of the seller well , and if you are not sure, don't buy it.
thecoronaviruscovid-19update is formed by a Collaborative Ranking consisting of a Database of more than 9000 Products, plus its Community of Users connected around the Social Network. thecoronaviruscovid-19update wants to be great and provide value. We are a collaborative project.

The idea is that we can all value the products we have had, share our experience freely with other users, generating unbiased, reliable and independent content, useful for everyone. A community where you can answer questions, contact or share information with other professionals in the sector, upload multimedia content, and ultimately everything that comes to mind.

Yes, we know, there is much to improve! we just launched it and we are working and improving every day thanks to the involvement of the users who are adding up little by little. Do you want to participate?

Welcome to the CovidGlip Project, We are Shared eXperience.

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About us? CovidGlip Team
We are a multidisciplinary group of Computer Engineers, Designers, ..., which has formed a team with the aim of creating a valuable tool for ourselves, for you and for all. With thecoronaviruscovid-19update Proyect we intend that we can all inform ourselves through opinions, evaluations and content generated through the experience of the users themselves. Our philosophy is to leave absolute freedom to the user who makes the contribution, as long as:

1- Keep basic rules of respect

2- Contributions must be real based on the user's experience

3- Contributions should be made with no interest other than sharing knowledge with the community.

How will we make the CovidGlip project sustainable?
thecoronaviruscovid-19update requires a series of human and economic resources, a lot of effort, time and dedication; Therefore, to be viable, at least the resources for its maintenance are needed.

We will endeavor to ensure that the advertising and / or affiliate links necessary for this purpose are as less aggressive and annoying as possible, that it is properly marked without confusion and is related to the theme of thecoronaviruscovid-19update.

We have no specific interest in any particular brand or product. Our goal is that any user can be adequately informed, through opinions and generated content based on the experiences of other users.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

Contact Us! CovidGlip
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Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal at the following email addresses:

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We have a user active in the application called ADMIN in order to make notifications of interest and interact with the community. For any question, you can contact him by writing a public or private message.

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Active Community
(Under construction) We are creating a space for the most active community that wants to help the development of CovidGlip. In it, suggestions can be made, debates about possible improvements, brainstorming, ... .

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